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Jason Brock Chapman Stick Artist

Place/Date of Birth: North Bay, Ontario July 10, 1971

The Chapman Stick (n.b.: the Chapman Stick is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises.) The Stick is an instrument few people have ever heard tell of, yet its sound is one we frequently hear. The Chapman Stick Touchboard is an instrument born from the guitar bass family, but is quite different. It is shaped like a wide guitar neck. It hangs vertically on your body supported by a belt hook and a neck strap. The difference between it and a guitar or bass is that you do not need to pluck the strings. Instead you just tap lightly and hold to achieve your note, which frees up the other hand to do the same. A stick player has many similarities to that of a pianist in the manner in which both instruments are played.

Jason Brock has actively pursued his career as an emerging “stick player” performing over 50 live events in less than a year. Presently, he has been performing in his home town of North Bay Ontario where he was born and raised. Jason has attended and performed at 4 international Chapman Stick seminars. He has been taught and recognized by the some of the world’s best known Chapman Stick players.
In the official review of the Historic 2002 Mid-West Stick Seminar (Michigan) taught by veteran Stick players Greg Howard and Bob Culberson, Jason was named as one of two outstanding students of over thirty participants.
Jason moved west to Calgary AB in 1992 to find work and himself. There he met Roli Mack, a well-respected and accomplished musician and music teacher. Roli began to teach Jason classical guitar techniques for his six stringed bass, but more importantly, Roli introduced Jason to the Chapman Stick, Roli’s primary instrument.
Jason began playing the Chapman Stick October in 2000 after a work-place injury along with surgery left his right arm permanently partially disabled. Jason soon discovered that Chapman Stick was his next step and was very surprised that his right arm with a fused wrist and nerve damage would excel on this new instrument and actually help his arm’s condition and state of mind.
His first CD “Medicine Stick” (independent) has 21 original compositions ranging across several genres (Celtic, contemporary, light jazz, progressive, and folk) and a playing time of 1 hour 15 minutes. It has sold very well at all his live performances and has resulted in very positive feedback.
Summer 2004 Jason opened up for International Chapman Stick Artist Greg Howard in Montreal Quebec during the Montreal Jazz Festival. Jason was also featured at the White Owl Bistro July 2 and 3 of 2004 as part of North Bay’s first annual music festival.
December 10th 2005 Jason was "Guest Soloist" with The North Bay Symphony
Jason is now studying and playing the Chapman Stick fulltime and continues to grow musically now having over 40 original compositions.
Jason has been playing music professionally including numerous weddings, concerts, restaurants, clubs, galleries, parties as well as performances for hospitals, community social programs and fundraisers. Jason also graduated from Canadore College May 2004 with a diploma in Social Services Worker.

Medicine Stick CD 21 Original pieces played on the Chapman Stick
DVD – North Bay DVD Slideshow 395 Photographs by Greg McGuinty set to 1 hour of Jason Brock’s music. (www.gregsnotherngallery.ca)

Music Training: Chapman Stick Studies
Private Lessons - October 2000 – December 2001 – Calgary Alberta
Teacher Roli Mack – Chapman Stick. Roli Mack professional music teacher and live- performer taught bass, guitar, vocals and most recently the Chapman Stick. He would tell me, that I was “the best student that he ever had.”

International Stick Seminars
2001 Kamloops Stick Seminar – Teachers: Greg Howard & Jim Reilly. (3 days) Intensive course, ranging from technique to theory that concluded by a group performance at the “Kamloops Art Gallery”. I was placed in the advanced group, after playing less than a year.
2002 Mid-West Stick Seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Taught by Greg Howard and Bob Culberson. (3 Days) Seminar concluded with a “Stick Night” performance at a local club.
2003 Montreal Stick Seminar – Teachers: Greg Howard & Steve Aldeson. (5 days) Concluded with a “Sticks and Tones” evening held at Theatre La Chap Elle.
2004 Montreal Stick Seminar – Teachers: Greg Howard & Steve Aldeson. (3 days)

Solo Stick Seminar Night Performances:
Stick Night Leopold Bros., Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aug. 3, 2002
Stick and Tones Concert, Theatre La Chapelle, Montreal, Quebec, July 2003
Stick Night All Star Tap & Grill, Niagara Falls, Canada, April 24, 2004
Stick Night Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Quebec, July 9, 2004


BayToday Interview – September 29 2004 by Phil Novak – www.BayToday.ca
Incard Interview – 0ct 2003 by Tara Nevil -http://www.incard.ca/brock_jason.htm
Talking Sticks Interview by Jim Reilly – Sept 4, 2002 - stick.com -interviews

1 “Personally, I loved all of the performances but I did have a couple of standouts. This was the second seminar I had attended with Jason Brock but had never heard him perform until Sunday night. Jason played real well and his compositions were very beautiful and imaginative.” (Source: Official Review by Glen Poorman 2002 Midwest Stick Seminar (August 2-4, 2002)
2 “But as far as the concert on Sunday goes. It was all great. But the big surprise for me was Jason (Brock), whose solo tunes were beautiful and truly original. I look forward to a recording from him.” Greg Howard (Chapman Stick discussion / list Tue, 6 Aug 2002)
3 “Jason Brock came out and played a solo set. His tunes are beautiful and captivating, and if you haven't heard him yet, I'd urge you to get in touch with him for a copy of his CD.” Greg Howard - Wed, 14 Jul 2004- Reply To: Chapman Stick discussion list
4 “Jason performed two beautiful compositions off his “Medicine Stick” CD, both with a Celtic vibe. Technically, his playing is a combination of expressive dynamics and flawless technique, we can expect great things from Jason, and if you don’t have his CD, take my advice “GET IT.” M. Polgar, Official review of 2003 Montreal Stick Seminar.(see stick.com.past-events)



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The Chapman Stick (n.b.: the Chapman Stick is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises.)