Jason Brock



Ann Arbor Stick Seminar in Michigan - August 2002 - The Festival attracted 33 Stick players from around North America. Jason played with some of the best Chapman Stick players, and was named as one of two standout in the official review.
Kamloops Art Gallery - August 2001 - 13 Stick players played Terry Riley in C. It's 53 short phrases in which each musician plays at their own preferred speed in the key of C. Each musician could play each phase as many times as they wished. The performance lasted 59 minutes in length!

On a local scale, Jason plays as part of the Church Choir at Corpus Christi Church in North Bay.

In a social environment, Jason has performed at the following North Bay outlets:

100 George's
Fionn Macool's Irish Pub
Barracuda Billiards
Wilder's Music Hall
The Wall
The Bull and Quench

Publication: Un-mastered Demo of solo CD - "The Medicine Stick"

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